Fast-Growing Companies Are Losing Fewer Deals, Maximizing Lead-Gen ROI, and
are 2-3x’ing Their Sales/Affiliate Team’s Productivity with Dream 100® Software!

…all withOUT complicated tech to learn, hours of migrating their existing systems, or team members not buying in.

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No More Lost Opportunities

Easy organization, step-by-step workflows, and reminders will keep your team from letting anything slip through the cracks!


Increase Revenue Quickly

How much are a few more high-value deals worth to your business, each month? Our average users experience 25% more deals.


More Deals In Less Time

Synced social media posts allow for quick connections & 1-on-1 access that’ll drastically decrease the time to close deals.


2-3x More Production

With 1-click sending scripts, built-in checklists to follow, and easy reminders…your team will be on fire.

Ditch The Spreadsheets & Simplify

Move your high-value leads or affiliates over to Dream 100® Software in just a few clicks. You and your team will close more deals more quickly withOUT adding more complexity or learning curves!

  • Automatically Scrape Contact Info & Social Media Profiles (If public)
  • Save & Copy Contact Info, Links, & More In Just A Few Clicks
  • In 1 Click, See Their Interests (i.e. sports, books, movies, check-ins, and more) To Easily “Break The Ice”
  • Set Custom Titles For Each Contact To Easily Know Their Exact Profession & Title At A Glance

Maximize Your Team’s Productivity

See a live feed of ONLY your leads’ or affiliates’ social media posts! No more ads or irrelevant posts to scroll through. Engage with them in just a few clicks!

  • Live Feed Of ONLY Your Leads’/Affiliates’ Social Media Posts, Click On Any Of Them To Go Directly To The Post & Like/Comment
  • Turn Off Your Team’s Existing Newsfeeds & Turn On The Dream 100® Software Newsfeed For ZERO Distractions & 100% Productivity!
  • Quickly Find Posts With Little Engagement, Comment On Them For Quick & Easy Access To Your High-Value Targets
  • Perfect For Prospecting, “Warming Up”, “Following Up Without Annoying”, And Nurturing!
  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube And LinkedIn Will Sync

Deploy & Manage Outreach Campaigns Easily

In just a few clicks, you’ll ‘tag’ your high-value leads or affiliates, create action items, check them off, and close more deals…more quickly! No more searching for contact info, opening multiple windows and typing to find things, or letting deals slip through the cracks! Plus, it’s designed for you and your team (or VA) to be able to collaborate to close deals.

  • “Tag” Your High-Value Leads/Affiliates To Segment & Move Them Through Workflows (e.g. “Cold”, “Warm”, “Hot”, “Active”)
  • Create Action Items For Your Team To Check Off As They Go, Keeping Campaigns Moving & Nothing Falling Behind
  • Save Master Checklists, Scripts, And Tags To Make It Virtually Impossible For A VA To Mess It Up!
  • In Just A Few Clicks, Your Team Will Copy & Send Your Saved Scripts Via Email, Messenger, & Text!
  • Have Your Setters Or VA Input Leads/Affiliates, Update Their Tag, Then Let Your Closers Do Their Thing & Close Even More Deals!

1-Click Follow-Up To Close More Deals

As soon as you & your team logs in, you’ll instantly be reminded of who you need to follow up with! Then, in literally one click, you’ll copy a saved script, open an outbound email AND a messenger DM, and simply ‘paste’ to send. Get ready to fulfill on all the extra deals you’ll be making!

  • Set Reminders In 1-Click To Know When To Follow Up
  • As Soon As You Log In, You & Your Team Will See Notifications Next To The Leads/Affiliates That Are “Due” To Follow Up With!
  • In 1 Click, Your Team Will Copy A Saved Script, Open An Outbound Email AND Messenger DM, Then Simply “Paste” To Send
  • 1-Click “Copy” Any Contact Info (e.g. email, phone, address) For Easy Reference Access & Fast Communication
  • Save Notes For A Quick Summary Of Correspondence And For Easy Collaboration & Hand-Off Between Your Team Members

All The Tools You’ll Get Rid Of For Dream 100® Software


  • Spreadsheets
  • “Saved” Emails
  • Trello/Asana
  • Note Pads

Social Media

  • Social Media Softwares
  • Messenger Softwares
  • Newsfeed Removal Tools


  • High Level
  • Closing Software
  • Workflow Software

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