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Ditch The Spreadsheets & Simplify

Move your high-value leads or affiliates over to Dream 100® Software in just a few clicks. It’ll automatically scrape contact info, sync social media accounts, and even show you their interests! You and your team will close more deals more quickly withOUT adding more complexity or learning curves!


“This is probably the best software for your business. My company has been using it and it saves me, personally, 4 hours of work per day. Incredible.”

Robert Syfert – Real Estate Investor

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Maximize Your Team’s Productivity

See a live feed of ONLY your leads’ or affiliates’ social media posts! No more ads or irrelevant posts to scroll through. Engage with them in just a few clicks! Now, ‘warming up’ or ‘nurturing’ your high-value leads or affiliates has never been easier! Best part? Many of the social media posts you’ll see in the software would never show up on your newsfeed…giving you 1-on-1 access much like a back-stage pass!


“I am loving the Dream 100 Software and how easy it makes following up with people! It’s a freaking genius piece of software that stops us from wasting so much time on social media”

Faith Christiansen – Online Agency Owner

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Deploy & Manage Outreach Campaigns Easily

In just a few clicks, you’ll ‘tag’ your high-value leads or affiliates, create action items, check them off, and close more deals…more quickly! No more searching for contact info, opening multiple windows and typing to find things, or letting deals slip through the cracks! Plus, it’s designed for you and your team (or VA) to be able to collaborate to close deals.


“This year I’ve had 2 CEO’s of equipment distribution companies and one influencer whose been on Shark Tank™ twice reach out to me and want to work together because of Dream 100® Software. It keeps bringing opportunities I didn’t expect.”

Jared Erni – Small Business Owner

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1-Click Follow-Up To Close More Deals

As soon as you & your team logs in, you’ll instantly be reminded of who you need to follow up with! Then, in literally one click, you’ll copy a saved script, open an outbound email AND a messenger DM, and simply ‘paste’ to send. Get ready to fulfill on all the extra deals you’ll be making!


“Man, your multi-channel approach is what really got my attention…and it’s not easy to reach me. I saw a FB post notification, then I saw a comment on my Instagram video, then I saw an email. Impressive. Then, I actually read your message. Well done, let’s get on a call.”

Joel Kellman –Business Influencer (and one of the many that Dana uses Dream 100® Software on)


“Dream 100® is the rock-solid foundation to our entire company”

-Russell Brunson, Co-Founder of Clickfunnels ($100mm/year company)